Configurator system

Studio is perhaps the market’s most flexible configurator system. Studio is the fast, clean and simple interior choice’s system, for you and your tenants or homebuyers.

By using a configurator system for the management of interior choices, you easily keep track of all options, during renovations, repairs and new construction.


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Experience the customer journey and the possibilities for a feeling before your project has even begun.

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For your customer

With a good configurator system, you offer your customers a simple way to choose, see and decide on their future interior design, in 3D. They do this from wherever they want, online.

When they are done, they digitally sign their choices.


For you

For you as a project developer or property owner and your colleagues, Studio is simple and quick. Studio an intuitive system and it is quick to set up a project.

You can choose between doing it yourself, with the help of us or an external consultant.

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What are the advantages of your configurator system?
  • Studio has a global product database
  • Admin can log in as a customer to see and help with the customer’s selection
  • The system has an automatic contract generator
  • You can offer multiple logins for one project
Can Studio be integrated with other systems?

Yes, it is easy to make integrations with other real estate systems

Can I extract documents for the construction, purchasing and finance department?


We would like to have our graphic profile applied, is that possible?

Of course!

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