Interior light simulator

An interior lighting simulator shows how the home or premises will be naturally lit from the outside, during the day and throughout the year.

Show off the natural light

An interior lighting study is an analysis and detailed investigation of existing daylight in a property, which aims to emphasize the lighting conditions and show off the natural lighting in a simple way. By using different light sources, colors and materials, we can create a virtual atmosphere that shows off your future property.


An interior lighting study also provides increased energy efficiency by minimizing the need for artificial lighting and thereby lowering operating costs. So if you want to create a pleasant and functional environment for your employees or customers, an interior lighting study is an excellent tool.

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Will you create the image?

Yes, we create the illustration/visualization/rendering.

How high resolution can it get?

Normally HD, 1920×1080

What do you need to create an interior lighting study?

The interior light study is created based on interior visualizations of the surface that is in focus. For the interior visualizations, you need architectural drawings, information about fixed materials and/or a 3D model of the property. Then you just need use, target group and the coordinates for the surface.

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