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With the help of a virtual viewing, your customer creates a feeling immediately. Allow your customer to “walk around” their future apartment or premises digitally. It is an appreciated solution that saves time but creates an experience and feeling. Perhaps your home or premises does not exist yet but is in the planning stage? Then a virtual tour is perfect.


Go on a virtual tour in Bonava’s project Ă…rsta Park Orangery below.

Viewing without being there

Virtual viewing is an example of a really good solution for the real estate industry. It provides the opportunity to show properties to interested buyers without having to make an appointment for a physical viewing. It is particularly convenient for interested buyers or renters who find it difficult to make time to come by due to too long a distance or lack of time. Or if your property is not built yet. Virtual viewings also offer the opportunity to reach a larger audience, as interested buyers can view the property from their own computer or mobile phone.

So if you are a property owner or real estate agent who wants to increase your sales or rental opportunities and provide your customers with a comfortable and safe viewing, a virtual tour is the obvious choice.

With the help of 3D visualizations in panorama, we create a virtual viewing, so that your customer can experience their future home or premises and go from room to room, in 360 degrees. Of course, we also create virtual displays of exterior parts of a project for you.

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What do you need to create a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is created based on visualizations of the surface in focus. For the interior visualizations, you need architectural drawings, information about fixed materials and/or a 3D model of the property. For an exterior virtual viewing, which is based on exterior visualizations, you need architectural drawings, plan documents and/or a 3D model of the property. Complete with area of use and target group and you have everything you need.

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