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Instead of an expensive home staging, we can offer a digitally furnished photograph of an existing, empty home or premises. It helps your potential buyers or tenants to be inspired and see the possibilities.

A digitally furnished photo helps you to show, for example, different rooms in a home that does not yet exist or that is to be renovated. They enhance the impression of an existing home or premises available for sale or rent.

Create interest in an empty or boring room

Digitally furnished photos provide a realistic representation of how a property can look when it is furnished, making it easier for project developers, property owners or brokers to show how a home or premises can look to their clients. Therefore, digitally furnished photos can be used as marketing tools to more easily generate interest among potential buyers.

With digitally furnished photos, you can present your property in a more professional way, while at the same time you can show different interior design options and possibilities to the buyers or tenants. This can be particularly useful for properties that are difficult to furnish or that have special challenges, such as an unusual room layout.

Digitally staged photos are also a good solution for the real estate industry because they are easy to create and use and less expensive than home staging. The images are edited to show your different interior design options, and can also be used in different marketing channels, such as on the website and social media.

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