Moving still

A moving still image is a powerful tool for marketing real estates. With the help of a moving image, you can show off a property and its various spaces in a simple and visual way, and give the visitor a sense of what it’s like to live or work there. A moving image can also be used to create a personal and engaging contact with the target group, by presenting the property in a more personal way. Using moving images in the marketing of a property can therefore be a very effective strategy to increase interest and sales or rental rates.

A 3D visualization made into a moving still, by the team at Envise

Catch your customer’s attention

Moving images are a powerful tool for capturing attention and conveying messages effectively. With the help of a moving image, you can tell a story, present a product or service in a more lively way than text and still images. Moving images can also be a good strategy to increase traffic and conversions on your website or social media. So if you want your message to reach out and make a real difference, moving images are a great choice.

The moving image is created by animating and creating movement in parts of your 3D visualizations.

More about the solution

Is a moving still the same as a video?

The result is the same, yes. You get it delivered in mp4. But only some parts in the images are moving.

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