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Our aim is always to deliver the tools needed to sell your homes faster, minimize your financial risks and ensure your customers’ satisfaction, while helping you build your brand.


For example, try the residential selector below

Our unit selector combines all our solutions in an interactive web interface that can be integrated on your project’s website. With the help of the interactive solution, you can easily display free and available spaces for potential buyers or tenants. They quickly get a good overview of which home or space is available, with updates on the selection, price and status of each individual space, home or space, and imagine their future on site. Everything gathered in one and the same place, in a uniform design.


The selector can be applied to everything from residences to office premises, retail premises, parking lots, warehouses and moorings in marinas, and more.


  • Our selector has, among other things, the following functions:
  • A welcome/or start page with gallery and filter function
  • Overview image of the entire project with clickable facades to find the right unit
  • Image gallery with Envise images
  • Map, location and points of interest/local area
  • Function for comparing devices with each other
  • Page with contact information directly to real estate agent or project manager, with photo and logo
  • Overview showing the status of the homes, premises and possible stages
  • Full screen view
  • You can update the data yourself in real time from the admin page to show which units are available, booked or rented or sold, or we create a direct connection to your system

More about the solution

Is the selector responsive?

Yes, the selector is responsive so it is displayed in the best way regardless of whether you are viewing via computer, mobile or tablet.

What do you need to create a selector for us?

The selector is based on photographs or visualizations and a prerequisite for creating the selector is that all units are visible in the images.

If the selector is based on visualizations that we produce, you need architectural drawings, planning documents and/or a 3D model of the property. Then you easily administer the attributes such as status, area, price etc. in the system’s back end.

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