Sun study

Our sun study shows the relationship of the sunlight to a future home, office or other property, throughout the day, during different seasons. A sun study allows the visitor to experience their future lifestyle, which leads to faster decisions.


Try changing the time in the demo below to see how daylight behaves.

Allow your customers to make fast decisions

Sun studies are an important part of a beginning real estate project because they help show how daylight and the sun will illuminate the property throughout the year and day. By using a sun study, your customers easily get a better understanding of how daylight illuminates the property and can thus more easily make decisions about which unit they are interested in.


We deliver a sun study as an add-on to our selector or as a separate delivery.

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Can the solution be added to our website?

Yes, it can be placed in a so-called iframe, on your web page.

Is the solution mobile-friendly?


What do you need to create a sun study?

The sun study is created based on exterior visualizations of the property or properties that are in focus. For the exterior visualizations, you need architectural drawings, planning documents and/or a 3D model of the property. Then you just need usage area, target group and the coordinates for the property.

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Combine your solar study with, for example, an interior light study and a selector.

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