Efficient warranty management for general contractors: Streamlined solution when cases initiate in the client’s system


In a changing world, general contractors face the constant challenge of managing warranty claims from various clients. Often, these cases originate in the client’s own system, leading to a complex process of communication and administration for the contractor. But what if we could offer a solution that not only simplifies this process but also increases efficiency and provides control over the entire process?

Envise takes warranty management in the construction industry to the next level

We at Envise have created an innovative solution to streamline the management of warranty claims in the construction industry. We understand the challenges that general contractors face with clients’ different systems and the complex process of following up on cases. Here’s how our solution makes a difference:

1. Data ingestion for smooth handling: We interpret the structure of the case from PDFs, work orders, or emails and automatically create a complete case in Envise Service.

2. Dual case numbers for clarity: Each case receives dual case numbers—one from the client’s system and one internally within Envise Service. This enables easy and clear communication, where the client and reporter can track the case with the original number, and we manage it internally for maximum efficiency.

3. Automatic communication and feedback: We offer automatic feedback on status changes, in line with the AB04 and ABT06 requirements for written feedback. Clients can easily track their cases by logging into Envise Service, creating a transparent and professional process.

4. Total overview for efficient work: Our system solutions are tailored for the construction industry and bring together all parties involved in a case—from reporters and clients to general contractors and subcontractors. It provides a comprehensive view of volumes, case types, and processing times, enabling companies to make informed decisions and improve their operations.

Stop struggling with scattered sources, manual administration, and cumbersome communication processes. With Envise Service, you take control of warranty cases, increase efficiency, and provide your clients with a professional and transparent experience.


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